There are several different types of personal information that frequently generate privacy concerns for individuals. It’s not enough anymore to keep your credit card information safe, there are many different ways types of information that can be causes for concern including:

  • The Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Medical Records
  • Financial Data
  • Political Information

Protecting Internet Privacy

While you are surfing the World Wide Web you can be revealing a lot of personal information. Who is able to gain access to this information continues to be a growing concern. Can someone track the websites you’ve visited or read your email without your consent? Other concerns include how websites collect and use identifiable information about internet users. With the latest search engines and their ability to data mine, your privacy can be violated. Always encrypt your emails and browsing in order to make your online activities more difficult to be traced by a third party.

Privacy and Cable TV

You should be in charge of what information gets shared over cable TV and who can see that information. Third parties are tracking IP TV programs all the time. Audiences do not have to be aware that the broadcast stream is being monitored for audience ratings. These ratings are often done in real time without viewers being aware in any way.

Medical Records

Individuals can keep their medical records private in most cases. There are many concerns that if some medical information is revealed it can affect either insurance coverage or their employment. It can also be embarrassing for others to become aware of certain psychological conditions or specific types of treatments. In some cases revealing medical information also reveals details about a person’s sexual activity. Patients have the right to protect their personal medical records.

Financial Information

An individual’s financial transactions such as assets, stocks, outstanding debts, or purchases are considered to be sensitive information. When criminals gain access to this type of information, they can wreak havoc by attempting identity theft or fraud. Even information about purchases can reveal a lot about a person’s financial history.

Political Privacy Issues

Ever since voting began, political privacy has been a major issue. The voter has the right to keep their political views private. The only way to secure this is through secret ballot. There are certain laws in place to help protect the political privacy of citizens.