US businesses that are signed up with Safe Harbor will receive a Privacy Trust Certification. This is a certificate placed on a business website which indicates that the site had been reviewed by Privacy Trust and that it has met all the requirements for privacy and data protection. Having a Privacy Trust Seal on a website is significant to consumers as it assures them that any critical data that is collected will not be exchanged with third parties without obtaining their content. This is important for developing a trusting relationship between a business and consumers.

How a Privacy Trust Certification is Obtained?

Privacy Trust Certifications have to be renewed annually. But if a company changes their privacy statement it has to be reassessed. A US company has to pay a fee for the Privacy Trust Certification. The fee is presently $450. The fees are due when the application for a certification is requested. In most cases, the certification process is completed in 12 working days. However, it is possible for the process to take longer. If it takes longer than 2 months, the certificate will be good starting 2 dates from the initial application date.

Criteria Used for Checking for Certification

The criteria that is used to check a company’s business policy includes:

  • Collection and Use of Information
  • Sharing and Disclosure of Information
  • Security Features

A company has to inform site users if information is being collected from their system. They must be informed if you are collected IP addresses or cookies. Consumers must also be informed why a business is collecting their personal data. Usually, it is just for marketing purposes. Site users must also be informed if their personally identifiable information is going to be made available to other parties. Consumers must also be made aware of any sensitive or account information on the site is password protected for the sake of the privacy and security of the users.