Geo-location is a relatively new term that applies to identifying geographic locations of people through the use of devices which are connected to the internet. Geolocation apps can be very useful for consumers, but many officials are concerned about the privacy issues that become apparent through the use of these types of apps.

Privacy Issues and Smartphones

Smartphones are very prevalent today especially for teenagers. They are becoming more popular because of the connection to social networks. It’s become very easy to link social networks to games and many social networks use geolocation data. The primary concerns are when a location of a child is displayed and who has access to this information. In the wrong hands, it could pose a danger. It could also potentially lead to a breach of privacy. It is up to each individual to ensure that the sites that use geolocation data are safe to use.

Safety Tips for Using Geolocation Apps

There are some precautions that users can take to ensure using a geolocation app is safe for them and their family. Apps have to inform users and obtain their consent prior to collecting geolocation information. You may also follow these guidelines to keep them safe:

  • Monitor any Accounts Connected to the Internet
  • Educate your family about sharing location based data with third parties
  • Know the app and what they do with geolocation data

It’s important to be familiar with any apps that family members use. Check the in-app settings to see if they collect or broadcast geolocation information. Many of these apps are looking to obtain as much information as possible because it will help increase the app’s visibility. When the app does this, it can make the user’s location public to the entire world. Make sure your entire family knows the dangers of sharing geolocation information. Be certain that apps are safe before agreeing to their use.