When the calls from telemarketers got out of control, the national Do-Not-Call registry was formed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This list is designed for consumers who do not want their lives interrupted by unwanted sales calls. Once your number has been placed on the list, businesses and telemarketers are not allowed to call you for commercial purposes. They are responsible for checking the list at least every month to ensure they are not making calls to numbers that are on the registry. However, there are some organizations that are exempt from this ban.

What types of calls are covered?

The provisions of the do-not-call list covers telemarketers who are making the call solely for commercial purposes. They want to sell you goods or services. These types of solicitations are not allowed to people who have placed their numbers on the national do-not-call registry. This list also applies to calls that are made by telemarketers for third party sellers. Basically any program, plan or campaign that is designed to sell goods or services by making phone calls is covered.

What types of calls are not covered?

There are some organizations that are allowed to call phone numbers whether they are listed on the registry or not. Some of the provisions and exemptions allow calls from these types of organizations:

  • Political organizations
  • Telephone surveyors
  • Charity organizations
  • Companies that have a business relationship with the consumer already established

Organizations that carry a tax exempt status with the federal government are exempt and can make calls to gather support. Political solicitations fall within this category as well. A company that has a business relationship with a consumer may call numbers on the registry as long as there is an ongoing business relationship between the two. Companies can continue to call a consumer for up to 18 months after a purchase, delivery or payment has been made unless the consumer requests that the company stop calling them. Once a consumer makes an inquiry of a business, the company can place calls to the consumer for up to 3 months.

Other Options Available

Consumers who do not wish to be bothered by a company can ask to be placed on the company’s “do not call” list. This will keep specific companies from calling a phone number. This applies to the company whether or not the consumer has placed their number on the national registry or not.