Workplace Privacy

Privacy Coach offers a unique set of privacy skills to help ensure privacy in the workplace is secure for both the employee as well as the employer. Our goal is to help each business person create a secure workplace where individuals on all levels do not feel their privacy is threatened in any way. We can also help ensure that employers do not violate any of the privacy laws or codes. There is a lot to learn, but we can coach you through it and help prevent privacy breaches from occurring through negligence or simply not knowing proper privacy procedures for the workplace.

Privacy Issues that Can Arise on the Workplace

There are many different issues that can come up on the workplace. A well informed employer can lead well trained personnel away from privacy breaches. Some of the privacy issues that can come up in the workplace include:

  • Proper handling of personnel records and files
  • Conducting searches while at the workplace
  • Proper procedures for drug testing
  • Protecting against defamation
  • Other legal issues

Privacy Coach can equip you to prevent many sticky situations or unnecessary violations of privacy. By being aware of various issues, and what privacy rights are protected in the workplace, many employers can avoid violating the privacy rights of staff or personnel.

Employee Monitoring and Privacy

As an employer it is increasingly important to be aware of how to handle certain privacy issues at the workplace. More work is being done online and through the use of personal phones. At Privacy Coach we can help employers know their rights and know how to protect the rights of employees at the same time. Are there limits to employee privacy and where can employers draw the line? Privacy experts can walk employers through the process of how to handle each of these situations properly to avoid penalties or lawsuits:

  • Monitoring Telephone activity
  • Monitoring Computer Usage at Work
  • Monitoring Mobile Devices
  • Monitoring Mail including email, postal and voice mail
  • Monitoring Social Media
  • Monitoring through the use of videos

Privacy coach can help you understand where you stand legally and how to handle each of these types of situations so that you are not in violation of the law, but protecting your business assets.


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