Website / Apps Privacy

What Business Owners Need to Understand about Website and App Privacy

With the increased use of technology on the worksite, doing any kind of business today is becoming very complex. Customers can now connect with a business through a variety of devices including Smartphones, pcs, and tablets of all sorts. There are tons of sites that allow for interaction between consumer and business personnel. How is one to know how to protect their own privacy through these numerous veins; and how does the business owner know how to protect the privacy of their clients? Privacy Coach can walk you through the process of building a solid, trusted relationship with consumers.

Help in Developing a Privacy Policy

The key to this process is transparency. A business must be very clear with consumers about how they will collect and use any data that is collected. This means your privacy policy must be developed in a way to effectively communicate data collection and usage practices with consumers so that it keeps their trust intact. Here are a few of the issues that must be addressed when you develop a privacy policy pertaining to your website or an app.

  • How personal information is collected and used
  • How information might be shared (or not shared) with third parties
  • How you handle tracking and if you allow third parties to track or not
  • How you or your business partners may use targeted ads to users
  • How users can access, change or update, and delete their personal information

That’s a lot to cover. At Privacy Coach we are ready to equip you to write a privacy policy which protects your business and the privacy of your website visitors or app users. Read more about why your online business needs a privacy policy.

Privacy Services for Helping you Offer Consumers Choices

It can be so confusing if you are unsure how to handle the complex issues of privacy today. We can help you understand the types of privacy choices you will be offering your clients and we will help make sure it is explained properly in your privacy policy. For instance, if you offer clientele the option of opting out of behavioral ads you will need a link to the opt-out page in the privacy policy itself. If it’s possible you can also embed it. By developing a privacy policy that offers consumers choices you will build more trust and transparency. You explain to them exactly how you’ll use their data but give them the control by allowing them to opt out.


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