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Responsibility to protect Health Privacy for Businesses

Privacy continues to be a growing concern in the public sector and health professionals must step up their efforts and privacy practices in order to provide more protection of health information. Health institutions must be careful not to disclose health information about individuals and do everything in their power to keep this type of information safe from any type of security breach. At Privacy Coach, the goal is to inform health related businesses of safe practices that will help them ensure their patient’s and client’s health privacy remains intact. By protecting health information of their patients, professionals are also protecting themselves.

Health Coaching Services

It is imperative that health professionals understand the importance of protecting health information today. Contact Privacy Coach to learn about important information such as:

  • HIPPA Security Rule
  • When to file a breach notification
  • What are businesses liable for?
  • How do you write a privacy notice?
  • Can you be sued for a privacy breach?

These are just some of the areas health professionals will learn about when they sign up for Privacy Coach Services.

Health Related Business Basics and HIPPA

At Privacy Coach we try to break health privacy down so it’s not so complex. A health care compliance expert can assist medical providers as well as covered entities become and remain compliant. We keep you informed on issues pertinent to security, code sets, transactions, privacy, and the most recent breach notification requirements set forth under HIPPA. A privacy expert can help with:

  • Safeguarding protected health information of patients
  • Compliance with HIPPA requirements regarding code sets and transactions
  • Assess security risks periodically to determine the safety level of electronic records
  • Prevent privacy or security breaches
  • Prepare you for HHS audits, compliance reviews or investigations
  • Ensure you avoid penalties both civil and criminal
  • Keep updated on the most current privacy information
  • Answer privacy questions that may arise

It can be very complex unless you have someone helping you understand the many details. Health privacy services include consultation and monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance.



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