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How Businesses Protect Children’s Privacy Online

Any website or app that targets children who are 13 or younger must comply with COPPA or the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. This Act is enforced by the FTC and before developing a site or app that will be accessed by children it’s important to be aware of COPPA. At Privacy Coach, businesses learn about COPPA before developing any site or app; experts will also inform them of how to refrain from violating COPPA and getting penalized. It’s important to learn what web developers should know about COPPA when your target audience includes children. We can help ensure you are compliant.

Services Include Total Compliance with COPPA

Privacy experts keep up with COPPA enforcement and help ensure business practices reflect the latest COPPA Rule amendments. Services include keeping you informed of changes such as:

  • New ways to obtain and verify parental consent
  • The latest exceptions to parental consent
  • The newest provisions for confidentiality, integrity and security
  • New data retention provision
  • New data deletion provision

The world of online privacy as it pertains to children is in a constant state of change. Experts keep you informed of these changes as they occur and ensure you remain in full compliance.

Keeping Your Business Safe

Privacy Coach experts have years of experience working on children’s privacy issues. This includes working with professionals from a wide variety of industries. Our goal is to help you demonstrate how child-friendly your app or site is while remaining in full compliance with COPPA. We will help you understand and work with how COPPA works to protect children.  The primary benefits of working with a privacy expert include:

  • Improving Compliance
  • Reducing legal risks
  • Protecting your brand
  • Building trust
  • Maximizing resources

Privacy Coach follows a comprehensive and completely proven process to ensure your site or app meets or exceeds children’s privacy practices.


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