Privacy Breach

Protecting Your Company from A Privacy Breach

What is a privacy breach you may ask? Privacy breaches have become more numerous as businesses have made the move to online storage options. Retail stores, banks, and hospitals are all among those who use electronic storage. But it is likely that many smaller businesses also store employee and other valuable information using an online source. It’s important to ensure your company is less likely to suffer from a privacy breach. Privacy Coach experts can help you assess for risks factors, develop strategies to prevent breaches, and inform you of your responsibilities should one occur.

Privacy Breach Risk Assessment Services

Are you familiar with the leading causes of privacy breaches? A privacy expert can help conduct a risk assessment to determine what types of risk factors might be associated with a particular business. Services include explaining the most common causes of data breaches and what types of actions fail to provide protection of private information. A few of the most common risks experts have identified include:

  • Failure to modify network assess when staff is terminated or just transferred
  • Electronic messages (email or fax) that are misdirected to unauthorized individuals
  • Mistakes made in the billing department when statements are sent to wrong parties
  • Failure to encrypt or clear digital copy machines after making copies of sensitive information
  • Improper disposal of paper records
  • Theft of electronic equipment like tablets or laptops
  • Staff transmitting sensitive or personal information over a channel that is unsecured

There are steps that can be taken to ensure these breaches of private information do not occur or at least reduced. Recently, laws have changed such that when a breach occurs it must be reported if it affects 500 or more people. Privacy experts help ensure breaches do not occur, but if they do we can help you with the reporting process.

Privacy Breach Protection Services

Professionals have more challenges than ever when it comes to protecting private information. Being aware and informed are valuable tools to hopefully keep you and the information you store safe and secure. Once you participate in a data breach assessment, it will help managing these risks more significant. The next step is to make weak areas stronger and safer for consumers. Privacy experts will help you work through necessary steps like:

  • Tracking federal and state regulations and laws
  • Conducting annual privacy risk assessments
  • Implementing staff training programs
  • Communicating with third parties to ensure privacy policy compliance
  • Developing incident response plans and teams
  • Implementing breach risk assessment processes
  • Measuring, tracking and communicating essential privacy and security program performance risks and metrics


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